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    BURGER Box

    This is pure 100% grass fed ground beef. Packaged in 25 one pound packages for easy storage and convenience.

    $164.90 $159.90
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    Maybe you want burgers, stew meat, ribs, or roasts, or all of the above! You select your own box, up to 25lbs, to get the best economy possible.

    $196.90 $189.90
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    A 25lb mixed box (“tour de beef”) for the versatile cook that enjoys beef in all forms. Steaks, roasts, ribs, and more. Customize to get exactly what you want.

    $229.90 $224.90
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    GRILL Box

    This is a grill-friendly box with a little lighter price point. Still heavy on the steaks, this box is rounded out with 100% grass fed ground beef. Customize your order too!

    $259.90 $252.90
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    This top end box includes all the best cuts:  Tenderloin, Ribeye, Top Sirloin, Flank, and more. Enjoy the best grass fed burgers too.

    $299.90 $289.90
  • BITS Box

    This box is for the adventurous nose-to-tail eater. It’s also a place for some incredible deals on dated inventory. Make sure and select exactly 25lbs total for all selected cuts.